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pill 1

1. A small pellet or tablet of medicine, often coated, taken by swallowing whole or by chewing.
2. Informal An oral contraceptive. Used with the.
3. Slang Something, such as a baseball, that resembles a pellet of medicine.
4. Something both distasteful and necessary.
5. Slang An insipid or ill-natured person.
v. pilled, pil·ling, pills
1. To dose with pills.
2. To make into pills.
3. Slang To blackball.
To form small balls resembling pills: a sweater that pills.

[Middle English pille, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German pille and Old French pile, all from Latin pilula, diminutive of pila, ball; see pellet.]

pill 2

v. pilled, pil·ling, pills
v.intr. Chiefly British
To come off, as in flakes or scales.
v.tr. Archaic
To subject to extortion.

[Middle English pillen, to plunder, peel, from Old English pilian; see peel1 and from Old French piller, to plunder; see pillage.]
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pl n
(Anatomy) a slang word for testicles. See testicle
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References in classic literature ?
"Why, we use the newly invented School Pills, made by your friend the Wizard.
The doctors were of use to Natasha because they kissed and rubbed her bump, assuring her that it would soon pass if only the coachman went to the chemist's in the Arbat and got a powder and some pills in a pretty box of a ruble and seventy kopeks, and if she took those powders in boiled water at intervals of precisely two hours, neither more nor less.
And in the cavity below were three silver pills, with a carefully folded paper lying underneath them.
There was a glass of water on the table, and on the window-sill a small chip ointment box containing a couple of pills."
To this day pills are made behind its tall prcscription desk--pills rolled out on its own pill-tile, divided with a spatula, rolled with the finger and thumb, dusted with calcined magnesia and delivered in little round pasteboard pill-boxes.
And the very first thing I'm going to do is to ask you to swallow these little white pills for me."
And they didn't give me pills; they gave me clumps on the side of the head.
She would have wondered still more if she had seen him making that brown bread into neat little pills, which he packed into an attractive ivory box, out of which he emptied his own bits of lovage.
But now we know that these little pills of classical learning possess the medicinal property of anti-nihilism, and we boldly prescribe them to our patients....
It will be a bitter pill to her; that is, like other bitter pills, it will have two moments' ill flavour, and then be swallowed and forgotten; for I am not such a coxcomb as to suppose her feelings more lasting than other women's, though I was the object of them.
How to cure such a dyspepsia it were hard to say, unless by administering three or four boat loads of Brandreth's pills, and then running out of harm's way, as laborers do in blasting rocks.
I say written FOR children because the new psychological business of writing ABOUT them as though they were small pills or hatched in some especially scientific method is extremely popular today.