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 (pī′lōs) also pi·lous (-ləs)
Covered with fine soft hair.

[Latin pilōsus, from pilus, hair.]

pi·los′i·ty (-lŏs′ĭ-tē) n.

pilosism, pilosity

an excessive hairiness; furriness. — pilose, adj.
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Noun1.pilosity - the quality of having hair
appearance, visual aspect - outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
hirsuteness, hirsutism - excessive hairiness
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* Abaxial surface; A: absence; P: Presence; Pilosity: (Pl: Pilous; Pb: Pubescent); Density, Types of trichomes and domatia when compared between blackberry genotypes: (Vl: Very low; Sm: Simple; Tt: Tuft of trichomes).
Because male pilosity is also at the centre of a new aesthetic, accompanied by a booming market, from Braun's multi-hair removal kit for men to Wilkinson's shaver for private parts.
In this study, morphological characteristics including coloration, pilosity, shape, and morphometric characteristics of Reticulitermes dichrous Ping and Reticulitermes guangzhouensis Ping were compared.
The females are further characterized by an elongate head with a gular bridge without a sclerotized median carina or a felted line, mandibles with one gland only, absence of labrum, bilobed clypeus with a median setose carina, pedicel without axial spines, third segment with three completely fused anelli and a short unsegmented acuminated projection, labiomaxillary complex with distinct stipes and galea, bacilliform process pointing backward, segmented labium, forewing closed costal cell, spurious veins and moderate pilosity, and a twelfth flagellomere.
Opposable margin of propodite without pilosity, bearing 11 to 18 teeth; dactyl moving sub horizontally, opposable margin bearing nine to 15 teeth.
Metapleuron dull coriaceous, with adpressed pilosity in slightly more than posterior half.
Although variation in size, antennal pilosity, tergal margination, and femoral spurs in specimen from Panama are within the ranges observed for the species (Shelley & Kiser 2000), the exemplar has few sparsely hirsute antennomeres, more logs with femoral spurs, and the margination begins in further back tergites; so we can not compare with other populations of this species registered by Shelley & Kiser (2000) in the Coastal Venezuela Province.
--Examination of the sacral region to determine pilosity and discoloration related to spinal dysraphism,
Apterous, body surface deeply punctured and as appendages and projecting tubercles and elevations beset with long stiff erect yellowish pilosity, colouration dark reddish brown.
Although these reductions in pilosity are not as striking as in the male, they also indicate a degree of masculinization of the mesosoma and metasoma.