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Noun1.pilot experiment - a preliminary experiment whose outcome can lead to a more extensive experiment
experimentation, experiment - the testing of an idea; "it was an experiment in living"; "not all experimentation is done in laboratories"
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The researchers said that while this pilot experiment is promising, more research is needed to verify the safety of the materials.
In this pilot experiment, we aimed to determine two endpoints: 1) Does IRE affect iatrogenic material macroscopically and microscopically, and 2) does iatrogenic material affect the IRE ablation zone?
The Ministry of Transport reported that a report of an incident occurred after a pilot experiment at 11:32.
figure By PETER MUNAITA The government this morning begins testing a Sh6 billion plan to register nearly 50 million Kenyans for a digital database.Until Friday, residents of 40 sub-locations in 15 counties picked for the pilot experiment of the National Integrated Identity Management System (Niims) dubbed Huduma Namba will have their data captured in biometric kits.
The first experiment was a pilot experiment with a relatively small sample of 20 participants in experimental group and 22 participants in the control group to explore and gain experience in order to determine any problems that might occur during the week of the experiment.
Referring to the initiatives already launched, the Minister cited a first pilot experiment with the AFD in support of the mechatronics cluster which led to encouraging results and which served as a basis for the creation of a second wave of 4 clusters with support of the European Union and the German Development Co-operation (GIZ).
and Panasonic Corporation today announced that they have agreed in principle to collaborate on a pilot experiment aimed at creating a business model and developing and verifying technologies towards realizing IoT-based home appliances utilizing Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies.
The first set of rats (n=6) was used for a pilot experiment (experiment 1).
We tested this assumption by means of a brief pilot experiment: in the yard behind the research institute buildings at Sede Boqer, two groups of 10 egg sacs were laid out on the ground, one group in the open, the other in the shade below trees.
Partnering with government agencies and departments in pilot experiment studies is one method, but community foundations and traditional granting agencies have also shown considerable interest in these methods.
A pilot experiment done in Davao City may make a difference if applied in Metro Manila.
The following pages of our centennial salute to Wegmans are peppered with some of our favorite comments captured in our pilot experiment with citizen journalism, which we feel best highlight the various ways the sensational supermarket chain wows its legions of food-shopping aficionados.