pilot experiment

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Noun1.pilot experiment - a preliminary experiment whose outcome can lead to a more extensive experiment
experimentation, experiment - the testing of an idea; "it was an experiment in living"; "not all experimentation is done in laboratories"
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National Innovation Demonstration Zone is approved by China's State Council, demonstrating the pilot experiment in independent scientific and technological innovation and high-tech development.
In our pilot experiment, we use the name of puppet characters in Iranian TV, where by searching this name in Google, anyone can find it as a fake CV.
El-Kawish said Mehleb commissioned the concerned public entities to start implementing the New Atfih village development project and turn it into a cooperative producing village, as a pilot experiment within the project of developing the desert hinterland villages.
The pilot experiment took place in a 5-story office building of 2422 [m.
I thought we'd start our own small-scale pilot experiment, probably off-campus, offering classes through some of our faculty and alumni.
Pulse durations of 100, 200, and 500 [micro]s were first tested in a pilot experiment, and the pulse duration of 200 [micro]s was selected because it produced the least uncomfortable sensation at the five electrode sites.
Under a pilot experiment, a training for officials of the Interior Ministry directorates in Sofia, Pernik and Pazardzhik will be held until April 2012.
This has been an excellent pilot experiment for planned future ideas involving the garden.
As part of the occasion - at the university's Culture Lab - a pilot experiment will be carried out on audience members who agree to join in.
The pilot experiment required SEC staff to obtain special approval for involving civil monetary penalties for public companies as punishment for securities fraud.
You'd think that with 29 of 43 schools needing improvement that it would be worth a try see if the pilot experiment would work.
In a pilot experiment using two independent samples for each data point, some phytoestrogens showed a U-shaped dose-response curve.