pilot fish

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or pilot fish (pī′lət-fĭsh′)
n. pl. pilotfish or pi·lot·fish·es or pilot fish or pilot fish·es
A marine carangid fish (Naucrates ductor) that often swims in company with sharks and other large fishes and with sea turtles.

pilot fish



1. (Animals) a small carangid fish, Naucrates ductor, of tropical and subtropical seas, marked with dark vertical bands: often accompanies sharks and other large fishes
2. (Animals) any of various similar or related fishes
References in classic literature ?
Picture to yourself the pilot fish with the shark, the jackal with the lion--anything that is insignificant in companionship with what is formidable: not only formidable, Watson, but sinister--in the highest degree sinister.
In fairness, Hadley and Jorgie Porter shouldn't have refused to serve Lady C and her pilot fish Chris "Liar" Eubank and crybaby Kieron Dyer as they enjoyed their night of luxury.
Prior Information Notice: New laboratory and office building with pilot fish in bremerhaven.
A 10-inch pilot fish becomes a feast for the three starving survivors.
Just like sharks and pilot fish, opportuneurs and talented people live in synchronised symbiosis.
High-frequency traders are similarly content to take steady profits by nibbling around the edges of these massive trades, like pilot fish trailing a shark and picking up tiny morsels from his big kills.
In the 1964 version she appears only in the cobbled-together "There is Never Any End to Paris" (published now as two separate pieces, "Winters in Schruns" and "The Pilot Fish and the Rich"), where she is simply alluded to and not named.
Anyone interested in rare sights should watch in Macquarie Street on Fridays to see Callinan and Mr Justice Gleeson arriving for lunch; the former growing more gargantuan by the minute, the latter small and shrivelling; the former lumbering, the latter skipping; just like Puck and Bottom; or like a giant shark with his little pilot fish.