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A small swelling of the skin, usually caused by acne; a papule or pustule.

[Middle English.]

pim′pled, pim′ply adj.
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Adj.1.pimpled - (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skinpimpled - (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin
blemished - marred by imperfections
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Whether they were right or wrong in this conjecture, certain it is that minds, like bodies, will often fall into a pimpled ill-conditioned state from mere excess of comfort, and like them, are often successfully cured by remedies in themselves very nauseous and unpalatable.
The glow of the fire was upon the landlord's bald head, and upon his twinkling eye, and upon his watering mouth, and upon his pimpled face, and upon his round fat figure.
There is no such place in that part now; but it remained there for many years, looking with a baulked countenance at the wilderness patched with unfruitful gardens and pimpled with eruptive summerhouses, that it had meant to run over in no time.
Dickison leaning against the door-post with a melancholy pimpled face, looking as irrelevant to the daylight as a last night's guttered candle,--all this may not seem a very seductive form of temptation; but the majority of men in Basset found it fatally alluring when encountered on their road toward four o'clock on a wintry afternoon; and if any wife in Basset wished to indicate that her husband was not a pleasure-seeking man, she could hardly do it more emphatically than by saying that he didn't spend a shilling at Dickison's from one Whitsuntide to another.
He landed close to old Sea Vitch--the big, ugly, bloated, pimpled, fat-necked, long-tusked walrus of the North Pacific, who has no manners except when he is asleep--as he was then, with his hind flippers half in and half out of the surf.
There was no doubt but he became his years, breathing, as he did, of wealth and consideration; and it was a surprising contrast to see our parlour sot - bald, dirty, pimpled, and robed in his old camlet cloak - confront him at the bottom of the stairs.
He was sixty years of age, with white hair cropped short like a brush; stout, thickset, and apoplectic about the neck, with a vulgar pimpled face, gray eyes, and a mouth like a furnace door; such was the profile portrait of Antoine, the oldest attendant in the ministry.
The digital surface of our microwave oven is pimpled with bump dots.
ju [b[epsilon]resi.sub.1]-[a.sub.2] "the barley [is.sub.2] [ripe(ned).sub.1]." The boundary between the categories of periphrastic verb and copular clause tend to be untidy for the stems ending in vowels; for instance, the sentence e dim jus baze bea "his face was pimpled" (with the stems zan- : z[partial derivative]- 'hit, stricken') may contain either the compound adjective jus-baze or the pluperfect jus baze bea, depending on the position of the stress.
It was a long way, and Arrowood's frayed black had a and suit was quickly soaked with sweat, his lumpy face pimpled with heat rash.
Opening my Instagram feed as I sat down to write this, the first image that appeared showed a pitted and pimpled yew hedge, posted by the landscape architect and historian Camilla Beresford--the 'cloud hedge' at Montacute House, she explains, its shape first concocted by heavy snow in 1947--On taking up the directorship of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, this year, Luke Syson's first post was a series of details from Titian's Tarquin and Lucretia (1571), accompanied by a jolting close-reading of the painting and what it will mean to encounter its 'extraordinary, appalling' horrors every day.
At the monthly Masses that were part of the curriculum, that meant grape juice and stale wafers were offered to pimpled, dorky teenagers as the blood and body of Christ.