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A small swelling of the skin, usually caused by acne; a papule or pustule.

[Middle English.]

pim′pled, pim′ply adj.


(ˈpɪm pli)

adj. -pli•er, -pli•est.
having many pimples.
Often, pim•pled (ˈpɪm pəld)
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Adj.1.pimply - (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skinpimply - (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin
blemished - marred by imperfections


[ˈpɪmplɪ] ADJ (pimplier (compar) (pimpliest (superl))) → lleno de granos, cubierto de granos
a pimply youth (fig) → un mozalbete, un mocoso (pej)


[ˈpɪmpli] adj [person, face] → boutonneux/euse


adj (+er)pickelig


[ˈpɪmplɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) → foruncoloso/a
References in classic literature ?
What I was afraid of was that everyone present, from the insolent marker down to the lowest little stinking, pimply clerk in a greasy collar, would jeer at me and fail to understand when I began to protest and to address them in literary language.
He was so ungainly, so pimply about the head, so scaly about the legs, yet so serene, so unspeakably satisfied
He went away and ten minutes later returned to find an office-boy, with a long nose, pimply face, and a Scotch accent, opening the door.
I confess to having received a few simple lessons in conjuring, in a dimly lighted chamber beneath a shop, from a gifted young man with a long neck and a pimply face, who as I entered took a barber's pole from my pocket, saying at the same time, "Come, come, sir, this will never do.
Jonathan was lazy, Jonathan was pimply, Jonathan was fat--
And an uncommonly fine man Miss Snevellicci's papa was, with a hook nose, and a white forehead, and curly black hair, and high cheek bones, and altogether quite a handsome face, only a little pimply as though with drinking.
Kings, presidents, maharajahs and pimply youths in the sixth form, 11 shone in resplendent white against a background of elegantly tonsured greensward.
I am her pimply Brit" Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, on how he sees himself in relation to his Spanish wife Miriam "I don't think gravy's funny in a sexual sense" Actress Jennifer Aniston "Every time I go out the door looking smart, I've got some sort of smear of scrambled egg somewhere.
And had the result been closer, the future of the nation could have been decided by a few thousand pimply bairns.
Due to the tight fabric rubbing against the skin, itchy and sometimes painful pimply lesions may form requiring medical attention and necessary treatment in some cases.
It is not even the case that I find any sort of impromptu eating in public a touch distasteful - such as wobbly and pimply youths striding down the street, stuffing their pale, dull-eyed faces with pizza.