pinch hit

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intr.v. pinch-hit, pinch-hit·ting, pinch-hits
1. Baseball To bat in place of a player scheduled to bat, especially when a hit is badly needed.
2. Informal To substitute for another in a time of need.

pinch hit n.
pinch hitter n.
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pinch′ hit′

a hit made by a pinch hitter.


v. -hit, -hit•ting. v.i.
1. to substitute at bat for a teammate in baseball, often at a critical moment of a game.
2. to substitute for someone, esp. in an emergency.
3. to make (a hit) in pinch-hitting.
[1930–35, Amer.]
pinch′ hit′ter, n.
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If a man had reached before him, Maddon would have used pitcher Jon Lester to pinch hit for Ryan.
Checking other accounts of the game not only confirmed Garms pinch-hitting a home run, but also that it represented his seventh straight pinch hit. Garms, not Lowrey, had broken Hornsby's record.
That's where the team at Call My Play come in to pinch hit. They'll take your tape, hand it over to a professional sports broadcaster who'll record some color commentary, and then give it back as the--presto-chango--life-changing moment that it was.
Houston, Miami, and Memphis might pinch hit for a while, but none can provide New Orleans's strategic connectivity.
Sherm Lightner pinch hit for Lenny Maclin and sliced a curve-away fly ball to right that a hustling Jordan caught up with on one bounce and relayed to first for the second out.
Floyd Scott then pinch hit for third baseman Clyde Beck, beating out an infield hit.
And when we are not in the "lineup," someone else has to pinch hit for us -- there is no off season!
"We've got five games against the West Indies, and they are a tough side to pinch hit against.
What's even more exciting is seeing a pitcher being called on to pinch hit, something that used to happen once in a while before the DH robbed the game of such fun moments.
He contends NASA should have learned a lesson from IUE and equipped Hubble with instruments that could pinch hit for a failed gyro.
"Davey came over and said, 'If the righty comes in, we're going to pinch hit, and you're going to go up and win the game for us.'''
Virdon pinch hit for Eddie O'Brien in the ninth for the Pirates and singled.