pinch hit

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intr.v. pinch-hit, pinch-hit·ting, pinch-hits
1. Baseball To bat in place of a player scheduled to bat, especially when a hit is badly needed.
2. Informal To substitute for another in a time of need.

pinch hit n.
pinch hitter n.

pinch′ hit′

a hit made by a pinch hitter.


v. -hit, -hit•ting. v.i.
1. to substitute at bat for a teammate in baseball, often at a critical moment of a game.
2. to substitute for someone, esp. in an emergency.
3. to make (a hit) in pinch-hitting.
[1930–35, Amer.]
pinch′ hit′ter, n.
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And when we are not in the "lineup," someone else has to pinch hit for us -- there is no off season
He would get only one more major league pinch hit over the next six years.