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They tinkle with their pinchbeck, they jingle with their gold.
He, however, no doubt would forgive thee, for he was the most humble-minded and courteous knight of his time, and moreover a great protector of damsels; but some there are that might have heard thee, and it would not have been well for thee in that case; for they are not all courteous or mannerly; some are ill-conditioned scoundrels; nor is it everyone that calls himself a gentleman, that is so in all respects; some are gold, others pinchbeck, and all look like gentlemen, but not all can stand the touchstone of truth.
This was the best store we had come across yet; it had everything in it, in small quantities, from anvils and drygoods all the way down to fish and pinchbeck jewelry.
Tawny, black-eyed, barefooted maids, arrayed in rags and adorned with brazen armlets and pinchbeck ear-rings, were poising water-jars upon their heads, or drawing water from the well.
It was a projecting window; and on the inside were suspended a variety of watches, pinchbeck, silver, and one or two of gold, all with their faces turned from the streets, as if churlishly disinclined to inform the wayfarers what o'clock it was.
RenewableUK's deputy chief executive Emma Pinchbeck welcomed the news, but said the sector "must do more" to encourage diversity in the UK.
In a statement published by RENEWABLEUK at the time, executive director Emma Pinchbeck said: "Onshore wind is now the cheapest source of new power for UK billpayers, and it is supported by more than three-quarters of the British public.
RenewableUK's deputy chief executive Emma Pinchbeck added: "This new polling shows that's what Conservative voters want, and it explodes the myth that onshore wind is less popular in rural areas."
"To achieve net zero, we have to put the pedal to the metal on our world-leading wind industry," said Renewable UK deputy chief executive Emma Pinchbeck.
Rugby Town slipped ten points behind UCL Premier leaders Daventry Town after being held 1-1 at home by Pinchbeck United, Edwin Ahenkorah scoring Valley's last gasp penalty equaliser.
That danger seems real enough, and indeed, Pinchbeck's analysis of our global problems--from corporate greed to chronic water shortages--is rooted in reality.