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Noun1.Pine grosbeak - large grosbeak of coniferous forests of Old and New Worldspine grosbeak - large grosbeak of coniferous forests of Old and New Worlds
grosbeak, grossbeak - any of various finches of Europe or America having a massive and powerful bill
genus Pinicola, Pinicola - a genus of Fringillidae
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By mid century, the park's climate is projected to improve for birds that live in dry forests at mid elevation, like the western tanager, pygmy nuthatch, and red-naped sapsucker, and worsen for birds in cooler, wetter, high-elevation forests, like the American three-toed woodpecker, pine grosbeak, and Townsend's solitaire.
The panels are at Bill Quay in Gateshead, marking Britain's first record of a pine grosbeak; Bishop Middleham, the site of the first breeding of bee-eaters in Britain in over 50 years; Crook Hall in Durham City, the first breeding record of black redstarts in Britain; Fishburn for the discovery of the remains of Durham's first Tengmalm's owl since 1929; and Hartlepool Headland, the county's only record of Dusky Thrush, in 1959-1960.
The Birds of Durham Heritage Project has organised a 2km autumn walk which will be looking at the common birds of the riverside habitats in and around Bill Quay, and it will focus on the history surrounding the finding of Britain's first Pine Grosbeak in this area.
Making it the fifth of its kind is the pine grosbeak, whose excursions well south of its home in subarctic and boreal forests are so infrequent that it's been years since I saw a flock of these remarkably tame finches harvesting winter buds in a neighbor's butternut tree.
This male pine grosbeak may look fat, but he's just a ball of fluff.
A PINE grosbeak - the largest European finch - recently strayed south from the forests of northern Scandinavia to the Shetland Isles.
Winnebago County posted a pine grosbeak; a swallow-tailed kite flew over Massac; and a wood stork drew birders to Rend Lake in Jefferson.