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The cone of a pine tree.
pine, pinecone - Pine, the tree, is from Latin pinus, from Indo-European pei-, "resin"; pinecones were originally called pineapples.
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Noun1.pinecone - the seed-producing cone of a pine treepinecone - the seed-producing cone of a pine tree
pine, pine tree, true pine - a coniferous tree
strobile, strobilus, cone - cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts
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Wrap the pinecone or vine ball in twine and leave long twine ends to tie to a tree branch.
com)-- The 24K-gold plated ornament features an anchor, a pinecone and thirteen stars encircling the design.
Tenders are invited for provide pinecone collection services.
28 -- Xiaomi has finally announced Surge S1, its first Pinecone SoC developed in house.
Knowing young warrior Princess Pinecone and her chubby, unlikely steed, I was thrilled to discover Beaton's second collection of comic strips for adults
Play in the Park and discover new games such as Pinecone Skittles, Knuckle Bones, Checkers with a twist and Marvellous Marbles.
Hundreds of pounds of dry organic materials were utilised to decorate the float, including yellow and gold strawflower petals, walnut shell paprika and cornmeal, ming moss, pampas and uva grass, white sweet rice, gold and brown flax seeds, grey poppy seed, black onion seed, pinecone petals and cotton seed.
For the pinecone garland, screw fish eye hooks into the base of the pinecones (you may need to drill a hole in the cones first).
Princess Pinecone isn't your ordinary princess--she's an enthusiastic young warrior, training for battle.
Other upgrades to the resort include an expansion of Red Pine Lodge, widening of the Chicane ski trail, new snowmaking on two trails on Iron Mountain, two new trails into Canyons from Pinecone Ridge, a renovation of Summit House, and several upgrades to existing ski lifts to create 3,500 chairs across 35 lifts.
Their collection includes: Silver Concertina Balls, PS15 for set of three; Snowflake Paper Decorations, PS12 for set of three; Large Pillar Candle Holder, PS45; Mini Star Etched Hurricane, PS10; Pinecone Tealight Holder, PS6.