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 (pīn′lănd′, lənd) also pine·lands (-ləndz)
A forested area in which pine trees predominate.


(Physical Geography) US land or an area covered with pine forest


(ˈpaɪnˌlænd, -lənd)

1. Often, pinelands. an area or region covered largely with pine forest.
2. the Pinelands, official name of the Pine Barrens.
[1650–60, Amer.]
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Anne roamed through the pineland alleys in the park and, as she said, let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul.
Founded in 1948, Bob Evans is a producer and distributor of refrigerated potato, pasta and vegetable-based side dishes, pork sausage, and a variety of refrigerated and frozen convenience food items under the Bob Evans, Owens, Country Creek and Pineland Farmsbrands.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 3, 2017-Bob Evans Farms Closes USD 115m Acquisition of Pineland Farms Potato
The potholed area around the mouth of Whidden Creek in Gasparilla Sound usually holds schools of these fish, as does the west side of Pine Island south of Pineland.
Pineland Hotel and Health Resort, a resort in Hammana that caters specifically to those living in Lebanon, has also seen a decrease in business because of travel bans.
In Olney, Texas - near Wichita Falls - a family receiving taxpayer subsidies to pay rent makes $227,709, while another family residing in public housing in Pineland on the eastern edge of the state makes $184,499.
The corrected land-cover data for pinelands appeared to more accurately capture the decline of this critical habitat during the study period than the original uncorrected data, and would be a more suitable basis for guiding pineland habitat conservation and management decisions.
He and his late wife Molly moved to Pineland, Cwrt, Pennal near Machynlleth.
Richard Price, general manager of Pineland Telephone Cooperative (Metter, Ga.
Strathcona was struggling financially, and Pineland had severe growth issues.
The 1st larval release took place at Pineland in northern Pine Island Sound in October 2003.
CloverLeaf Digital LLC and IPTV middleware provider Minerva Networks announced on Monday that US service providers Pineland Telephone Cooperative and WT Services Inc have launched CloverLeaf's interactive television services on IPTV systems supported on Minerva iTVManager middleware.

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