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n. pl. pi·ne·ta (-tə)
An area planted with pine trees or related conifers, especially for botanical study.

[Latin pīnētum, pine grove, from pīnus, pine; see pine1.]
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n, pl -ta (-tə)
(Botany) an area of land where pine trees and other conifers are grown
[C19: from Latin, from pīnus pine1]
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(paɪˈni təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
an arboretum of pines and coniferous trees.
[1835–45; < Latin pīnētum a pine wood =pīn(us) pine1 + -ētum suffix denoting a grove (of the plant specified)]
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 collection of pine trees, 1842.
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Noun1.pinetum - an area planted with pine trees or related conifers
tree farm - a forest (or part of a forest) where trees are grown for commercial use
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This visitor centre for Cambridge University Estates impressed the judges by creating an immersive journey through a New Pinetum at the Botanic Gardens, Cambridge.
Marked walks through formal gardens, woody grounds and pinetum where the air is often so sweet and spicy it seems like the elixir of life.
Joining Care UK in 2007 at Pinetum, she was quickly promoted to senior nurse.
There are ruins of the old chapel within the grounds, as well as a mini maze and an award-winning pinetum - which is a collection of pine and conifers planted for ornamental or scientific purposes.
uk/find-a-garden/ garden/36025/ Exton Hall, Rutland A 25-acre private garden with woodland walks that meander past specimen trees around the lakes and through the pinetum. The house and surrounding land has been in the Noel family for over 400 years - many members have been keen botanists, leaving a legacy of fine trees.
You can enjoy an adventure where you can follow the History Trail and discover formal gardens, the Pinetum, which dates back to 1918, the newly planted arboretum, deer park, kitchen garden and motte and bailey, thought to be the site of the original Kilmarnock Castle.
candle, PS18, John Lewis Charles Farris Pinetum ca d
6 At the other end of the bridge, take the winding set of steps underneath towards the Pinetum. Follow the pathway through the conifers.
Cherries, maples and sweetgums at the commission's Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest, Kent, are among the trees that have started to turn.
"This, along with the dropping temperatures, has meant the many of trees have already started to change at Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest.