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n. pl. pin·gos or pin·goes
An Arctic mound or conical hill, consisting of an outer layer of soil covering a core of solid ice.

[Inuit pingu, hill, mound.]
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n, pl -gos
(Physical Geography) a mound of earth or gravel formed through pressure from a layer of water trapped between newly frozen ice and underlying permafrost in Arctic regions
[C20: from Inuktitut]
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(ˈpɪŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -gos. Geol.
1. a hill of soil-covered ice pushed up by hydrostatic pressure in an area of permafrost.
2. a hill of similar origin remaining after the melting of permafrost.
[1925–30; < Inuit pinguq]
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A hillock produced in polar regions by an underground ice blister” pushing up the surface above.
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On Earth, dome-like structures or "( pingos " located in the Arctic regions and ( Panum dome sitting inside a crater in California make perfect&nbsp;analogs for this formation.
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Nest-site microhabitats included island, peninsula, shoreline, slough bank, sedge-grass meadow, displaced island (small clumps of tundra substrate deposited as a raised clump on a slough bank or in a meadow), upland ridge, or pingo (mound of earth-covered ice).