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n. pl. pin·gos or pin·goes
An Arctic mound or conical hill, consisting of an outer layer of soil covering a core of solid ice.

[Inuit pingu, hill, mound.]
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n, pl -gos
(Physical Geography) a mound of earth or gravel formed through pressure from a layer of water trapped between newly frozen ice and underlying permafrost in Arctic regions
[C20: from Inuktitut]
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(ˈpɪŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -gos. Geol.
1. a hill of soil-covered ice pushed up by hydrostatic pressure in an area of permafrost.
2. a hill of similar origin remaining after the melting of permafrost.
[1925–30; < Inuit pinguq]
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A hillock produced in polar regions by an underground ice blister” pushing up the surface above.
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On Earth, dome-like structures or "( pingos " located in the Arctic regions and ( Panum dome sitting inside a crater in California make perfect&nbsp;analogs for this formation.
My fondest memories growing up in Cyprus were spending the summers at my grandfather's hotel in Troodos, the Pingos Hotel.
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From the Torngat Mountains of Newfoundland to the pingos of the Northwest Territories, this captivating title explores many of the fascinating places that make up Canada.
Pipes are built over bulging and unstable Arctic pingos prone to violent eruptions caused by 'thawing methane gas', as seen twice on the Yamal peninsula this year.
On the next break in Fairbanks, I covertly bought a box of .350 ammo and finally got to shoot the beast at some pingos (grass tufts) and into some of the small lakes in the area.
On that leg, two important discoveries were made in the Beaufort Sea: seabed scouring by ice pressure ridges and undersea pingos, potential hazards to submarine pipelines and ships, respectively.
Outro agrupamento significativo no poema sao as palavras que, de alguma forma, remetem a ideia de felicidade, de beleza, encabecadas, como ja citado, por "adocados"; "dia de festa"; "casa linda"; "jardim em flor"; "pingos de alegria"; "bom humor"; "olhos de amor".
WHO Director General Margaret Chan's assurance that Public Interest and Business Interest NGOs (PINGOs and BINGOs) will be regarded as distinct entities has mollified some civil society global health movements, if not all (5,6).