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Noun1.pingpong table - a table used for playing table tennispingpong table - a table used for playing table tennis
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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There's nothing wrong with a pingpong table or an in-house massage therapist, but when it comes to the perks your people really need, nothing beats the five I've listed here.
The custom-built marble pingpong table is an energy center.
Prince is a mean pingpong player: A pingpong table is the centerpiece of the rehearsal space outside of the studio at Paisley Park, and it gets plenty of use.
The grassy courtyards have small picnic tables for informal meetings and brainstorming as well as a pingpong table for recreation.
The incognito You and Me pingpong table by Antoni Palleja Office for RS Barcelona includes a removable Kvadratfabric net that can be stored in a side drawer built into the steel and iroko frame.
Employees enjoy use of a pingpong table, full-sized basketball hoop, vintage soda machine and dart board--all in place to stimulate creativity, elevate morale and improve productivity.
In order to avoid conversations or tasks, Paul and cousin Robert (Clemens Berg) head for the pingpong table.
For example, Keg Pong includes a 16-inch-wide by 35-inch-long plastic pingpong table, a net, two paddles, two pingpong balls and two plastic glasses with the Keg Pong design.
We need a pool table, a pingpong table, video games.