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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - of a leaf tipped with pink
tipped - having a tip; or having a tip as specified (used in combination); "a rubber-tipped cane"
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Unable to track down the pink-tipped, very young ginger found in Asian supermarkets, I plumped for your standard bronze fare found everywhere.
A RARE African sponge crab with pink-tipped pincers has been found off the coast of Ireland - in a lobster pot.
Her neon pink-tipped poles punctuate each effortless turn, belying the danger and difficulty of the stomach-lurching descent.
Her bouquet of pink-tipped tulips was hand-tied with ribbon and pinned in place by her grandmother's brooch.
voices of buses churning uphill, to the small, pink-tipped daisies down
For a stunning border plant cornus aurea, which has red winter stems, alongside cornus flaviramea, whose stems are greenish-yellow, and add a few cornus kesselringii, which has dark purple stems, with the odd coral pink-tipped twigs of cornus sanguinea.