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Meal made of ground corn, often mixed with ground mesquite beans, chia seeds, sugar, or spices.

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl pinolli, mixture of vanilla powder, spices, and ground toasted chocolate beans.]
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(Cookery) (in the southwestern United States) flour made of parched ground corn, mesquite beans, sugar, etc
[from American Spanish, from Nahuatl]
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Noun1.pinole - meal made of finely ground corn mixed with sugar and spices
meal - coarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse
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There were six of us, in two boats, and to avoid suspicion we ran down after dark and dropped anchor under a projecting bluff of land known as Point Pinole. As the east paled with the first light of dawn we got under way again, and hauled close on the land breeze as we slanted across the bay toward Point Pedro.
The day the powder works blew up at Pinole, breaking every window in the school, he and she had not joined in the panic rush for out-of-doors.
Sam Esser (Olathe, Kan.) 20, (18), 8; Emmett Peixoto (Pinole, Calif.) d.
Salim-Mojarad ran in the city of Pinole, population 18,000, in Contra Costa County.
SPARKLING WINE TECHNIQUES 2013 Codorniu Napa Scharffenberger Grand Reserve Brut NV Brut Excellence Vintage/NV 2013 NV AVA Cameras, Napa County Mendocino County Soil Type(s) Haire clay and loam Pinole loam clay Aspect south southeast Elevation (feet) 275 281 to 404 Clone(s) 115, 4 and Pommard 5 Pinot Noir 13 and 115; Chardonnay 131 and 4 Rootstock 1103 110 and 5BB S04, 3309 101-14 and 5BB Vine spacing Block 1--11'x4' Mostly 5'x10', Block 9 & 15--9'x4' but we also have 9'x6' and 8'x5'.
It covers a large area in western Contra Costa County, including the cities of Richmond, El Cerrito, Hercules, Pinole, and San Pablo, along with several unincorporated areas.
Mientras tengamos tierra para trabajar y dejar como herencia a mis hijos no hay problema de pobreza, con el maiz es suficiente, es la base para tener pinole, teswuino y tortillas; el alimento se puede complementar con verduras que juntemos estacionalmente como los quelites y hongos [...] Y si usted tiene amigos y familiares que le ayuden a sembrar es algo muy bueno.