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informal very small; tiny
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or pint′-sized`,

small in size.
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Adj.1.pint-size - well below average height
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"
short, little - low in stature; not tall; "he was short and stocky"; "short in stature"; "a short smokestack"; "a little man"
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[ˈpaɪntsaɪz] pint-sized [ˈpaɪntsaɪzd] ADJdiminuto, pequeñito
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adj (inf)stöpselig (inf), → knirpsig (inf); a pint-size boxerein Knirps mvon einem Boxer; a pint-size companyeine Zwergfirma
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[ˈpaɪntˌsaɪz] pint-sized [ˈpaɪntˌsaɪzd] adjminuscolo/a
he's a pint-sized version of his father → è suo padre in versione ridotta
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From the outside, the pint-size property looks fairly modest - but when you step inside the TARDIS-style property is much bigger than expected.
When placed just 15 inches away from a wall or screen, the pint-size device delivers an impressive 100 inches of HD 1080p quality picture.
New York magazine's The Cut set out to uncover the identities of the pint-size preteens who captured the attention of the crowd outside the Marc Jacobs show Friday during Fashion Week while being filmed by a videographer.
Tributes to actor Mickey Rooney MICKEY Rooney, the pint-size, precocious actor and all-around talent whose career spanned more than 80 years, has died at the age of 93.
PINT-SIZE Francois Hollande at last meets a lady he can really look up to.
BABY BATMEN: The Big Toddle in Preston Park also featured pint-size princesses like this girl, right STRIDING OUT: In Albert Park, above, and Preston Park, right Pictures by PETER REIMANN and IAN McINTYRE BEE HAPPY: Tot in Preston Park
Chionodoxa THE name of these pretty pint-size bulbs means "glory of the snow", and all originate from the Mediterranean.
Provide each pair of astronauts with a quart-size zip bag, a small Tupperware container, a paper bag, and a pint-size zip bag.
TEENAGE mother Kirsty Forryan served up a pint-size surprise when she gave birth to a baby boy in front of stunned drinkers in her local pub.
If you're looking to take your song stylings to other people's parties, there are pint-size options out there as well.
Rocket City has developed a collection of pint-size cosmetics.
Shoppers have the option of purchasing a six-pack of coupons for $19.50, a six-pack with a Ben & Jerry's refrigerator magnet for $20.50, or a six-pack with a pint-size "cozy" for $23.