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Noun1.Pintado - large edible mackerel of temperate United States coastal Atlantic waterspintado - large edible mackerel of temperate United States coastal Atlantic waters
genus Scomberomorus, Scomberomorus - Spanish mackerels
Spanish mackerel - any of several large marine food fishes of the genus Scomberomorus
kingfish - the lean flesh of any of several fish caught off the Atlantic coast of the United States
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But, despite really putting in shifts over the past month or so that Beattie has struggled with a knee injury, Pintado has not carried the same confidence in the area that was obvious when he first arrived on these shores.
Reading pushed at the start of the second half, but the best chance fell at the other end with Adam Federici's doing well to save Gorka Pintado's header.
Goals: Chopra 54, McCormack 90 pen SWANSEA: De Vries 7, Williams 7, Tate 7, Britton 7, Pratley 7, Scotland 6, Gower 6 ( Allen 66 , 7), Gomez 8, Monk 7, Rangel 7 (Serran 78, 6), Dyer 6 (Pintado 87, 6).Goals: Dyer 11, Allen 88.
Swansea manager Roberto Martinez picked Gorka Pintado ahead of Jason Scotland, who dropped to the bench after playing for Trinidad and Tobago in midweek.
He wasn't wrong as they finally showed they could hold on to a lead against the Foxes after Gorka Pintado broke his 10-month drought with a 32nd-minute strike.
Led by Isabel Pintado, the senior VP and managing director, Wilson Associates' Dubai office is home to 30 talented designers.