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1. A pin or a bolt on which another part pivots.
2. Nautical The pin on which a rudder turns.
3. The pin on which a gun carriage revolves.
4. A hook or a bolt on the rear of a towing vehicle for attaching a gun or trailer.

[Middle English pintel, penis, from Old English.]
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1. (Mechanical Engineering) a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hinge
2. (Automotive Engineering) the link bolt, hook, or pin on a vehicle's towing bracket
3. (Automotive Engineering) the needle or plunger of the injection valve of an oil engine
[Old English pintel penis]
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(ˈpɪn tl)

a pin or bolt, esp. one on which something turns, as a hinge.
[before 1100; Middle English pintel penis, Old English; c. early Dan pintel]
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Noun1.pintle - a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hingepintle - a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hinge
flexible joint, hinge - a joint that holds two parts together so that one can swing relative to the other
pivot, pin - axis consisting of a short shaft that supports something that turns
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Here he found that the rudder had been all but unshipped, probably as the vessel was lifted over the reef during the storm, but a single pintle remaining in its gudgeon.
The pintles carried away, and it dropped off at last.
He noted that the Halifax-class frigates have four .50 calibre machine guns on a pintle mount.
* Be sure to put the cotter pin in the pintle hook.
Typical applications include submersible pump rotors, tube sheet resurfacing, condensers, cooling pump impellers, butterfly valves and cavitation pumps, line tanks and chutes, resurfacing and repair of rudders and pintle housings, and line chemical containment areas.
Factory options and dealer-installed accessories include a steering wheel (instead of the standard handlebars), foam-filled tires, portable charger, headlight, front hydraulic brake, hour meter, lift-out battery tray and a clevis or pintle hitch.
Quoin block deterioration analysis conducted by [10] demonstrated that deterioration in the quoin block (Figure 3) could drastically affect the state of stresses on the element transferring loads to the pintle and the pintle connection.
Options available for the LSC light tower include a block heater and a combination hitch with a 21/2-inch pintle eye and a 2-inch ball.
Its pintle then expands slightly for an especially tight seal.
The weapon is attached to a standard Dillon Vertical Arm that is then fixed to the folding pintle.
"We did a lot of tweaking with the design to make sure the pintle was in the right place," said Javorsky, referring to the arm's pivot point.