pious platitude

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Noun1.pious platitude - insincere talk about religion or morals
talk, talking - an exchange of ideas via conversation; "let's have more work and less talk around here"
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The film shows the baseball maverick as both a tough-minded idealist and a shrewd businessman, one who insists the commandment to "Love thy neighbor" is more than a pious platitude to be followed according to personal whims or prejudices.
When these prelates eventually realise all is not well in Birmingham, we might get a pious platitude or so.
We learned to wait and pray -- not as a pious platitude, not as a religious way of avoiding real action, but in prayer which acknowledges we had reached the limits of human ability and were helpless to do anything else but rely on God.
FROM George Bush, reflecting on the deaths of the seven astronauts, the predictable, pious platitude: ``The same creator who names the stars also knows the names of the seven souls who died.
Mere papering over of the cracks or pious platitudes just will not do.
If no action on this complaint is taken, then the spirit of a free and fair election would remain just pious platitudes and day-dream a field a complaint against Dharmendra Pradhan alleging him for violation of Model Code of Conduct after casting vote demands One Week Ban on Pradhan," the letter by the BJD reads.
After 35 years of pious platitudes, empty promises, baseless excuses, demonizing victims and fighting the march to justice at every turn, Pope Francis and the bishops should realize that an extension of the legacy of past defensive behavior would fall flat on its face, and it did.
Our pious platitudes become meaningless when they are not matched by suitable action.
The paper on whether the Irish border can remain open - so critical to the peace process - was full of pious platitudes with a dogmatic objection to continued UK membership of the customs union and the single market, which provides the only obvious solution.
So, who was the finance minister trying to delude with his pious platitudes?
KATE Thick's column (Journal, Monday) contained her usual pious platitudes about her answer to the migration problem which is engulfing the whole of Europe.