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a. Earnestly compliant in the observance of religion; reverent or devout: a pious nun.
b. Showing or characterized by religious devotion: pious observance.
c. Expressive of or used in religious devotion; devotional: pious readings.
a. Done for the benefit of others or with the intention of encouraging good: practicers of the noble lie and the pious fraud.
b. Sincere but wishful or far-fetched: a pious hope that the new method will work.
3. Self-righteous or sanctimonious: pious denunciations of sexual harassment.
4. Archaic Professing or exhibiting traditional morality; dutiful.

[From Latin pius, dutiful.]

pi′ous·ly adv.
pi′ous·ness n.
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Noun1.piousness - righteousness by virtue of being pious
righteousness - adhering to moral principles
devoutness, religiousness - piety by virtue of being devout
dutifulness - piety by virtue of devotion to duty
godliness - piety by virtue of being a godly person
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A state of often extreme religious ardour:
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nFrömmigkeit f; (pej also)Frömmelei f
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They occupied a superior rank of piousness, knowledge and reformation.
Other words synonymous with hypocrisy include: sanctimoniousness, pietism, piousness, affected superiority, false virtue, triteness, humbug, pretense, posturing, speciousness, insincerity, falsity, deceptiveness, deceitfulness, dishonesty, dissimulation, duplicity, impersonation, two-facedness, double-dealing, etc.
Speaking at the Hingonia Goshala during an event organised by Akshaya Patra Foundation on January 14, the minister said, 'The cow is the only animal that takes in oxygen and also releases oxygen.' 'It increases religiousness and piousness. This is what makes cow's milk so important'.
"(Born in an era of freedom in quotations, confined in one's self-serving piousness.) It's the sound of rap, and the if one listens closely, it could be the sound of revolution: "Bulag sa paghahari-harian, tamad manindigan, tamad mangatwiran.
On a trip to Paris he is guided through the life of devout King Louis IX, including taking part in a barefoot procession through a Paris 'street' (lane I might call it), to recreate the piousness of his historic relation.
Sufyan explains this ideology through the story of a leading communist propagandist in Minangkabau, Haji Datuk Batuah, a name that indicates Muslim piousness. Instead of promoting the purification or modernization of Islam (as many pilgrims did upon returning to the Indies), he convinced the public to accept 'Islamic-communism.' Rather than treating religion as an enemy of communism, he emphasized their similarities in terms of social justice, equality, as well as anti-capitalist, anti-slavery and anti-oppression attitudes.
However, despite the piousness of his cause, he was unable to impress the religious establishment.
Believers traditionally regard these additions as acts of piousness towards the deities, allowing the devotee to accrue spiritual merit.
Laurel performs Juan Diego with a childlike playfulness and wisely avoids adopting the stoic piousness we so commonly associate with saints.
On the other hand, with Marx, a theological-materialist instance of money without any forced intervention--the blissfulness of money already imposes its eternal piousness.
The town seems to be blessed with an incomparable aura of piousness and spirituality.
Housewife Siti Rosinah Kartubi, 57, from Jalan Kebun here said she would not even consider other candidates as Zawawi's family is known by the locals for their 'good hearts' and piousness.