pipe smoker

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Noun1.pipe smoker - a smoker who uses a pipepipe smoker - a smoker who uses a pipe    
smoker, tobacco user - a person who smokes tobacco
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As a teen I'd come home to a low-level cloud of it, as my dad was a frequent pipe smoker. As a substitute, I find the rhythm of prayer works well with a cup of coffee or tea.
Who won the 1976 UK Pipe Smoker of the Year Award, and was Pipeman of the Decade?
"If Manchester United do not finish in the top four, they will have to take part in Pipe Smoker of the Year next season."
"If Manchester United do not finish in the top four, they will have to take part in Pipe Smoker of the Year next season" Broadcaster Danny Baker "Vulgarity has a very, very proper and important place in the theatre, doesn't it?
AN elderly pipe smoker died in hospital yesterday after accidentally setting himself alight in his bedroom.
The footage used in The Green Cinematograph (Programme 1: Pipe Smoker and Overflowing Sink), 2010, essentially comprises two separate films, each entirely banal: In one, we see Graham himself as an old-fashioned, Father Knows Best kind of serious guy with a pipe clenched between his teeth and a slight frown of intense thought on his face, sitting in a leather armchair in a darkened space; in the other, a sink slowly-, and rather dramatically, overflows with bubbly water (I couldn't help but think of David Medalla's "Bubble Machines," 1963-94, and of the bubble sculptures of Roger Hiorns).
An Evening With TonyBenn @Grand Theatre, Swansea (Tuesday): The political heavy-weight, champion pipe smoker and man of the people chews the political fat in his one man show.
MSPs who still smoke - almost two years after the public ban - include Nats Sandra White and Tricia Marwick, Labour's Cathy Craigie and Lib Dem pipe smoker John Farquhar Munro.
We are all aware that the pipe smoker belongs to a breed apart from other men.
She arrives at my side, smiles, ruffles my hair to draw me out of my contemplation, and lays The Pipe Smoker before me.
Doll, a former pipe smoker, who also 'smoked the odd cigarette' from the age of 19, quit at 37 when he began to realise the implications of his results.