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 (pī-pĕr′ə-zēn′, pĭ-)
1. An organic compound, C4H10N2, that is used (often in the form of a salt) as an anthelmintic in humans and domestic animals and is widely used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, synthetic resins, polyurethane, and other industrial products.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound, some of which have stimulant and hallucinogenic properties.


(pɪˈpɛrəˌziːn; -zɪn)
(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline deliquescent heterocyclic nitrogen compound used as an insecticide, corrosion inhibitor, and veterinary anthelmintic. Formula: C4H10N2


(pɪˈpɛr əˌzin, -zɪn, paɪ-, ˈpɪp ər ə-)

a colorless, crystalline, deliquescent ring compound, C4H10N2, used chiefly as a veterinary anthelmintic and as an insecticide. Also called pip•er•az•i•dine (ˌpɪp əˈræz ɪˌdin, -dɪn, ˌpaɪ pə-)
[1885–90; < Latin piper pepper + azine]
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Noun1.piperazine - vermifuge used to treat infestations by roundworms or pinworms
anthelminthic, anthelmintic, helminthic, vermifuge - a medication capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms
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Prosecutor Alisha Kaye told Bradford Crown Court yesterday (FRI) that the package was found to contain 37 tablets of Trifluoromethylphenyl Piperazine.
Treatment with piperazine sulfate significantly reduced the number of adult worms in the intestines, greatly decreased eggs per gram of feces, relieved clinical signs in the flock, and returned the flock mortality back to expected levels.
The results showed that BZP itself was toxic to the kidney and its starting material, piperazine hexahydrate, was toxic to the liver.
Piperazine formation [43] about 200[degrees]C can supply further water for hydrolysis (6), terephtalamide formation [44] followed by hydrolysis can contribute to carboxylic groups (7, 8).
The efflux pump inhibitors (EPIs) 1-(1-naphthylmethy1) piperazine (NMP) and phenylarginine-beta-naphthylamide (PAbetaN) are found to inhibit V.
sativa (Black Seed) was found to have an anthelmintic activity against tapeworm comparable tothat of piperazine.
The rabbit were de- wormed with Pirazine (containing piperazine citrate as its active ingredient).
At 5% concentration, all the extracts except petroleum ether and ethyl acetate extracts showed greater activity than the standard drug piperazine citrate.
Curcuma heyneana, locally called temu giring, contains piperazine citrate, aetheric oil, natural resins, fat and other substances and is often used in traditional medicines.
ASTM D-6561, Standard Test Method for Determination of Aerosol Monomeric and Oligomeric Hexamethylene Diisocyanate in Air with 1 -(2-Methoxyphenyl) Piperazine (MO-PIP).
A class C drug, it's made from piperazine, a de-worming agent for animals.
Quinine sulphate, piperazine, caffine, barbitone and pyridine derivatives have been used as corrosion inhibitors for aluminium and zinc in acidic medium.