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 (pī-pĕr′ə-năl′, pĭ-)
A white powder, C8H6O3, having a floral odor, used as flavoring and in perfume.

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(Elements & Compounds) a white fragrant aldehyde used in flavourings, perfumery, and suntan lotions. Formula: C8H6O3. Also called: heliotropin
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(pɪˈpɛr əˌnæl, paɪ-, ˈpɪp ər ə-)

a white, crystalline, water-insoluble aldehyde, C8H6O3, that darkens on exposure to light: used in perfumery and organic synthesis.
[1865–70; piper (ine) + -one + -al1]
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* Piperonal kills lice and also gives you the enjoyable vanilla taste.
Vanilla (species of the genus Vanilla) contains piperonal, also known as heliotropin.1 Piperonal has aromatherapeutic qualities that might elevate mood and well-being.