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 (pē′kənt, -känt′, pē-känt′)
1. Pleasantly pungent or tart in taste; spicy.
2. Appealingly provocative; charming: a piquant wit; a piquant face.
3. Causing hurt feelings; stinging: "people with equally piquant opinions about obesity, appearance and American doublespeak about weight" (Virginia Heffernan).

[French, from Old French, present participle of piquer, to prick; see pique.]

pi′quan·cy, pi′quant·ness n.
pi′quant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.piquantly - with strong spices; in a spicy manner; "the soup was spicily flavored"
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gómsætt; á spennandi hátt
ilginç/hoş bir şekildemayhoşça


[ˈpiːkəntlɪ] ADV (of taste) → con fuerza; (= interestingly, provocatively) → con chispa
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(ˈpiːkənt) adjective
sharp in taste; appetizing. a piquant sauce; a piquant (= exciting or interesting) situation.
ˈpiquantly adverb
ˈpiquancy noun
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Her programme begins with Bach (the famous Chaconne for violin, I would guess in Brahms' arrangement for piano left-hand), then the Six Pieces Op.118 by Brahms himself, dedicated to Clara Schumann, Chopin's Variations Brillantes, Rachmaninov's Five Pieces Op.3, and Prokofiev's war-torn Piano Sonata no.7 - piquantly, the evening is part-sponsored by the family of Oleg Prokofiev, the composer's son, and a noted painter, sculptor and poet.
But Gopnik does offer a relevant, piquantly useful metaphor: liberalism is a rhinoceros.
The most daring of these is Money, in which Vallotton floods three-quarters of the plate with unmodulated black ink and highlights, against the white of the woman's dress, the man's outstretched hand that so piquantly encapsulates the transaction taking place (Fig.
at 331 (noting that Rizzo "appears in many casebooks because it so piquantly illustrates the significance of the choice among" legal tests for attempt liability); see also Model penal code [section] 5.01(2)(a) (specifically including "lying in wait, searching for or following the contemplated victim of the crime" as conduct that "shall not be held insufficient as a matter of law" to constitute a substantial step if "strongly corroborative of the actor's criminal purpose").
The second serious critical engagement with his work came in the American poet-critic Calvin Bedient's Eight Contemporary Poets (1974), which described him as "the most piquantly original poet now writing in English." (3) It would be several years yet before British critics started producing such responses to Graham's oeuvre.
There is no doubt that the Mexicans have piquantly penalized Pena Nieto and his party (PRI) for nurturing a culture of corruption, and allowing deep inequality to fester and letting the ferocious violence thrive in Mexico.
There is no doubt that the Mexicans have piquantly penalised Pena Nieto and his party (PRI) for nurturing a culture of corruption, allowing deep inequality to fester and letting the ferocious violence to thrive in Mexico.
Describing Gallart, for instance, the (implicitly male) narrator notes piquantly that he knows his descriptions of Gallart will arouse the imagination of the "senoritas" (1931, 71).
The trappings of the genre so piquantly described by Sara's mom are repeatedly interrogated in Collins's fiction.
This is however all that is extremely well known in the Levantine cuisine, but if you are keen on trying something slightly removed from the ordinary then order a chicken and mushroom Alayet (Dh27) - a sauteed dish made of onions, bell pepper and piquantly garnished with pomegranate (molasses as well as seed).
small krummhorns, held me reflecting, piquantly charmed