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[Portuguese pirarucú, from Tupí pirá-rucú : pirá, fish + urucú, red.]
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(Animals) another name for arapaima
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Os dados deste trabalho comecaram a ser coletados em julho de 2008 quando recebemos o convite da Associacao dos Trabalhadores do Jurua (ASTRUJ) para acompanhar as atividades que envolviam o manejo do pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) na Reserva Extrativista (RESEX) do Baixo Jurua (Figura 1), desde a contagem ate as pescarias, que sao denominadas localmente como a despesca do pirarucu'.
Pirarucu, Arapaima gigas (Shinz 1822), is the largest Amazonian and freshwater fish with scales in the world.
From far away, the Campana Brothers' Pirarucu buffet looks like a character from Where the Wild Things Are.
Regarding the characterization of the AChE enzyme, this has been identified in brain tissue of various tropical fish, such as pirarucu (Arapaima gigas), cobia (Rachycentron canadum), and Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) [48].
I see people fishing, people in paddle canoes or motor canoes, and I see a multitude of fish species including tambaqui and pirarucu," says Leila Salazar-Lopez, program director with Amazon Watch, an environmental organization waging a battle to stop construction of the Belo Monte clam in northeastern Brazil.
(The arapaima or pirarucu [both Web3] is a large South American food fish.
Noteworthy Catches--This arapaima (Arapaima gigas), also called pirarucu, was caught by Alan Atkins, well known carp angler, while fishing at Gillhams Fishing Resort in Krabi, Thailand.
(2004) avaliaram a criacao de pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) em estufa e sistema fechado de circulacao de agua no Estado de Sao Paulo, e os resultados obtidos afirmam a eficiencia da criacao de peixes em sistema fechado de circulacao de agua.
Similar results were observed in pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) received 800 and 1200 mg vitamin C kg[?]1 supplementary diets (Andrade et al., 2007).