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 (pĭ-rōg′, pîr′ō)
1. A canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk; a piragua.
2. Any of various boats usually propelled by paddling or poling, especially a light flatbottom boat with pointed ends.

[French, from Spanish piragua; see piragua.]


(pɪˈrəʊɡ) or


any of various kinds of dugout canoes
[C17: via French from Spanish piragua]


(pɪˈroʊg, ˈpi roʊg)

a canoe made of a hollowed tree trunk.
[1655–65; < French < Sp piragua < Carib: dugout]


- A canoe made from a tree trunk.
See also related terms for tree trunk.
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Noun1.pirogue - a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large logpirogue - a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log
canoe - small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle


n (= dug-out canoe)Einbaum m, → Piragua f
References in classic literature ?
"Then I'll take you some night in the pirogue when the moon shines.
Tamaahmaah came on board of the ship in royal style, in his double pirogue. He was between fifty and sixty years of age, above the middle size, large and well made, though somewhat corpulent.
Originally they had no means of navigating the seas by which they were surrounded, superior to light pirogues, which were little competent to contend with the storms of the broad ocean.
On the morning after her arrival, the ship was surrounded by canoes and pirogues, filled with the islanders of both sexes, bringing off supplies of fruits and vegetables, bananas, plantains, watermelons, yams, cabbages and taro.
They swooped down close to the long pirogues that navigated the lake; and the wild fishermen, terrified at the sight of the balloon, would plunge into the water and regain their islands with every symptom of undisguised affright.
These films have been chosen for their hot and current topics approach: "Babylone" by Alaeddine Slim, Ismail Louati and Youssef Chebbi (Tunisia, 2011), "Shores" by Panos Karkanevatos (2015, Greece), "The Cut" by Fatih Akin (2014, Germany), "When Paul Came Over the Sea" by Jakob Preuss (2017, Germany), "Central Airport THF" by Karim Ainouz (2018, Germany/France/Brazil) , "Taste of Cement" by Ziad Kalthoum (2017, Germany/Syria), "The Other Side of Hope" by Aki KaurismEnki (2017, Finland), "Fuoccoammare" by Gianfranco Rosi (2016, Italy), "Wardi" by Mats Grorud (2019, Norway/France/Sweden), "Human Flow" by Ai Weiwei (2017, Germany) and "La Pirogue" by Moussa Tore (2012, Senegal/France).
"I am very saddened by the shipwreck of a pirogue on (Monday) April 15 on Lake Kivu.
Gobustan petroglyphs were repeatedly investigated by the famous Norwegian explorer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, who recognized local boats petroglyphs as the oldest known images of pirogue in the world.
Eevidemment, on ne peut faire endosser ces loupes aux actuels responsables de la pirogue chancelante du tourisme.
One of his important achievements was directing "La Pirogue", semi documentary movie, in 2012.