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Determinacion cuantitativa del grado de infestacion por Piroplasmosis en bovinos de la aldea La Sabana, La Libertad, Peten.
Quinolones, for instance, ofloxacin, can potentially be used to prevent and treat honeybees piroplasmosis. However, the misuse and illegal use of nitroimidazoles drugs may cause potential hazards of cell mutagenicity and carcinogenic radionuclide, quinolones drugs can lead to the reaction of certain degree and hepatotoxicity or even death [5, 6].
The role of biting flies in the epidemiology of animal piroplasmosis was also discussed in the Sudan [4].
Equine piroplasmosis. In: Equine infectious diseases (eds.
Previously, the horse had received treatment for piroplasmosis (diminazeno diaceturate [Ganaseg[R], Novartis Saude Animal, Sao Paulo, SP]) and received two blood transfusions (two blood bags/transfusion), without any clinical improvement.
The institute capacity on equine health is also recognized with three OIE International twining projects on equine piroplasmosis, glanders and equine influenza.
The disease is also known as equine piroplasmosis and endemic in most tropical and subtropical regions of the world this infection has been documented in horses mules donkeys and zebras (Bruning 1996; Smith 2004).
ABSTRACT: Equine Piroplasmosis or Babesiosis is a serious hemoparasitic disease of horses.
Piroplasmosis (Theileria equii, Babesia caballi)###11###04###04###03