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 (pĭs′kə-tôr′ē-əl) or pis·ca·to·ry (pĭs′kə-tôr′ē)
1. Of or relating to fish or fishing.
2. Involved in or dependent on fishing.

[From Latin piscātōrius, from piscātor, fisherman, from piscārī, to fish, from piscis, fish.]

pis′ca·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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(ˌpɪskəˈtɔːrɪəl) or


1. (Angling) of or relating to fish, fishing, or fishermen
2. (Angling) devoted to fishing
[C19: from Latin piscātōrius, from piscātor fisherman]
ˌpiscaˈtorially adv
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Adj.1.piscatorial - relating to or characteristic of the activity of fishing; "a piscatory life"
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Quite a few people are returning to fishing after long lay-offs, rekindling their piscatorial pleasure.
Ultimately, Chief Martin Brody, played by Roy Scheider, fired his into a scuba tank in the shark's mouth and killed the film's eponymous and piscatorial villain.
The piscatorial community is on the move, and it starts inshore with shrimp and finger mullet.
And it isn't the first time a piscatorial property has gone up for auction in recent months, signs of a trend being set perhaps?
A piscatorial response to my search seemed extremely offtopic but, upon reading the abstract, I noticed relationship terms and "schools." Sheesh.
There's an echo here of "The Piscatorial Farce of the Stolen Stomach," a short story that Sayers wrote a decade earlier, in which Wimsey, looking for information on stolen diamonds, visits a jeweler friend: "This gentleman, rather curly in the nose and fleshy about the eyelids, nevertheless came under Mr.
Being such a prized game fish and a rare capture for Zimbabwe, I was very keen to tick this particular piscatorial box.
Thomas Nashe's translation of Hero and Leander's story in the context of English piscatorial politics in Lenten Stuffe (1599) has yet to be recognized as both an extension of Christopher Marlowe's thematic departures from his Musean predecessor and a primary influence on Ben Jonson's puppet show in Bartholomew Lair (1631).
"Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: Piscatorial Parasites." Tradition.
Members of Holme Valley Piscatorial Association are working to stem a worsening leak at Magdale Dam, which it is feared could cause part of the soft earth banking to collapse.
The boat doesn't go on fire Viking style as the structure is insulated but, the open air effect is really marvellous as the meat and fish are secured on steel stakes placed upright in the centre of the vessel where a bonfire of lemon tree wood cooks the beef, pork belly and chicken, and on fish nights he gets all piscatorial with a great array of seafood on display sizzling away.
I've reviewed work from just about every piscatorial artist in North America over the years.