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 (pĭ-sē′nə, -sī′nə, -shē′nə)
n. pl. pi·sci·nae (-nē) Ecclesiastical
A stone basin with a drain for carrying away the water used in ceremonial ablutions.

[Middle English piscine, from Medieval Latin piscīna, from Latin, fishpond, pool, from piscis, fish.]

pis′ci·nal (pĭs′ə-nəl) adj.


n, pl -nae (-niː) or -nas
(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a stone basin, with a drain, in a church or sacristy where water used at Mass is poured away
[C16: from Latin: fish pond, from piscis a fish]
piscinal adj


(pɪˈsaɪ nə, pɪˈsi-)

n., pl. -nae (-nē).
a basin with a drain used for holy ablutions, now usu. generally in the sacristy.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin; Latin piscīna fish pond, swimming pool, derivative of piscis fish]
References in classic literature ?
Can it be, can it possibly be, the `Illustrious Coxcomb, Mazarin de Piscina,' hey?
Now, then," said the duke, and as he spoke, lowered the cane almost level with the ground; "Pistache, my friend, jump for the `Illustrious Coxcomb, Mazarin de Piscina.
I have done very well with these two qualities, since, from the son of a fisherman of Piscina, I have become prime minister to the king of France; and in that position your majesty will perhaps acknowledge I have rendered some service to the throne of your majesty.
Enjuaga, lava y acondiciona el pelo lo antes posible, nada mas salir de la piscina.
supply and installation of new projectors, Lighting and lighting control systems in various facilities of the municipal sports board: Piscina huerta de lara, Fuente de la nia pool, Jernimo de la morena fields, David santa mara sports center, Pedro escartn soccer fields, City of the racket, Palace multipurpose, Tracks of san roque, Tracks of the ravine of the alamn, Tracks of the chopper, Tracks of athletics and fields of sport soccer source of the girl.
Hay en Jerusalen, junto a la Probatica, una piscina que se llama en hebreo Betesda, que tiene cinco porticos.
Yo nadaba en la piscina de una playa en la costa oeste habanera recien convertida en Circulo Social Obrero, adonde yo acudia a practicar judo.
Para los deportistas como Phelps puede ser una gran entrada de dinero, o simplemente una practica mas dentro de las muchas que llevan a cabo para poder rendir al cien por ciento en la piscina o en las pistas, pero para muchos otros, la mayor parte, solamente significara una salida de dinero y una desilusion mas.
Located south of the US Border in Mexico, Piscina Caballo was discovered by a friend flying out of the Tijuana Airport.
Bronze sculptures of Mercury (inset) and Narcissus could make PS300 to PS600 and a stone piscina (water fountain) could make a talking point in a large home or garden.
Sandra Piscina, 56, said: "All I did was raise my concerns.
Landscape, People, and Affection in Sertao de Acrilico Azul Piscina