pismo clam

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pis·mo clam

A large, thick-shelled, edible marine clam (Tivela stultorum) of the southern Pacific coast of North America.

[After Pismo Beach, a city of southwest California.]

pis′mo clam′

(ˈpɪz moʊ)
a large edible clam, Tivela stultorum, of California and Mexico.
[1910–15; after Pismo Beach, California]
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Hover is unhappy with the harbor seals decree, stating the animals have all but wiped out the Pismo clam population.
Divide chilled brine between two containers Place Pismo clams in one container and chocolate clams in the other Brine each for 15 seconds Drain clams and transfer to half-hotel pans over ice, keeping clams separate Cover and refrigerate.
There were also scallops in Long Beach's Alamitos Bay and Pismo clams on all the beaches.
Gaper, Washington, littleneck, and Pismo clams are yours for the taking with a few key tools: a California fishing license, a clamming shovel (or fork or rake), and the ability to dig when you spot the telltale squirting hole that reveals a clam's location.
You can't hunt for Pismo clams by strolling on the tidal flats as you can for their cousins to the north.
But a study by Rikk Kvitek and others published in Marine Biology in 1988 said the deeper-burrowing clams such as the Washington and gaper clams found in the slough may be more resistant to severe impact by sea otter predation than the shallower-burrowing varieties like Pismo clams.