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1. Rock, usually limestone, composed of pisoliths.
2. See pisolith.

[Greek pisos, pea + -lite.]

pi′so·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Geological Science) a sedimentary rock, commonly a limestone, consisting of pea-sized concentric formations (pisoliths) within a fine matrix
[C18: from New Latin pisolithus pea stone, from Greek pisos pea + lithos -lite]
pisolitic adj
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(ˈpɪs əˌlaɪt, ˈpɪz-, ˈpaɪ sə-)

limestone composed of rounded concretions about the size of a pea.
[1700–10; < New Latin pisolithus < Greek píso(s) pea + líthos -lite]
pis`o•lit′ic (-ˈlɪt ɪk) adj.
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Accordingly, the two study sites were found to be underlain by granites, which were again covered by grus slope deposits in the upper pediment positions, grus slope deposits and river deposits in the lower pediment positions, river deposits in the river valleys, pisolite slope deposits and river deposits in the lower plain positions, and pisolite slope deposits in the upper plain positions (Table 1).
United States Department of State and Government of Pakistan project report, 43, 92.Donahue, J., 1969.Genesis of oolite and pisolite grains.
The Agbaja Formation and the iron mineralisation is laterally and aerially extensive across the Agbaja Plateau and consists of an upper unit comprising beds of ferruginous sandstone and reworked oolite/pisolite material (referred to as the Laterite unit) that overlies a sequence of massive ferruginous oolite and pisolite in a ferruginous matrix.
Site Temperature Flow (L/mn) Total dissolve of water ([degrees]C) solids (ppm) Hammam 88.5-98 6000 1.466 Debbagh Site Principal chemical Associated rocks constituents MgC[O.sub.3] = 257, Hammam MgS[O.sub.4] =176, Faulted Miocene, Debbagh Mg[Cl.sub.2] = 416, Pliocene and NaCl = 416, Quaternary KCl = 79, Gaz = 97%, C[O.sub.2] = 2.5%, Na = 0.5%, [H.sub.2]S Site Remarks (i) Large deposits of travertines containing Hammam Pisolite of Aragonite Debbagh (ii) Cloud streams (iii) Roman careers (iv) Traces arsenic (As) 6.5 ppm
On a visit to Carlsbad, Joachimsthal, Annaberg and Freiberg in June and July he purchased from various dealers the large pisolite from Carlsbad which was much admired by Baron Racknitz, at 5 ducats (30 Ecus), stalactites and fossil wood, feldspar crystals which he found in the fields near Carlsbad, quartz, silvers etc.
The Company is also in joint venture with 3E Steel to investigate the potential for developing large low cost, low grade iron pisolite deposits in western NSW.
He also dealt in beautiful greenish to pinkish quartz crystals from Crni, Herkimer-diamond-like quartz from Slivnica, and pisolite from Blegos.
Eastern Iron is currently exploring the Hawkwood Magnetite-Vanadium Project in southern Queensland and the bulk tonnage iron pisolite, Cobar/Main Line Projects in NSW.
In many locations, there is a 2 metre thick surface layer of "Pisolite Ore" above the main gibbsite bauxite.
The iron levels are generally highest in the top layer of iron-rich gravel (technically described as pisolite layers).