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 (pī′sə-lĭth′, -zə-, pĭs′ə-, pĭz′ə-)
A small, rounded, concentric accretion of rock, usually of calcium carbonate, larger and less regular than an oolite. Also called pisolite.

[Greek pisos, pea + -lith.]


(Geological Science) geology any of the pea-sized concentric formations within a fine matrix that form a pisolite
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For instance, the international literature records terms such as laterite, petroferric contact, ferricrete, cuirasse, duricrusts, iron crusts, ironstones, ironpans, pisoliths, pisoplinthite, iron concretions and nodules.
Well-known bauxite mineralogist, Professor Eggleton of the Australian National University coined the term "PDM" for these black pisoliths which he found in bauxites from Weipa, Northern QLD.
FTIR-RM mapping has been used to determine the distribution of the different chemical components in human gallstones [13], to characterize the minerals in pisoliths [14], the mineral and collagen in tooth dentin [15] and the mineral and resins in dental composites [16].