piss off

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 (pĭs) Vulgar Slang
v. pissed, piss·ing, piss·es
To urinate.
1. To urinate on or in.
2. To discharge (blood, for example) in the urine.
1. Urine.
2. The act or an instance of urinating.
Phrasal Verbs:
piss away
To spend wastefully; squander.
piss off
1. To make angry.
2. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
take the piss out of Chiefly British
To tease or mock (someone).

[Middle English pissen, from Old French pissier, from Vulgar Latin *pissiāre, of imitative origin.]
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piss off

vb (adverb)
1. (tr; often passive) to annoy, irritate, or disappoint
2. (intr) chiefly Brit to go away; depart, often used to dismiss a person
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aller se faire enculeraller se faire foutrealler se faire mettrecasser les couillesenculer

w>piss off

vi (esp Brit sl) → sich verpissen (sl); piss off! (= go away)verpiss dich! (sl); (= don’t be stupid)du kannst mich mal (inf)
vt (esp Brit inf) → ankotzen (sl); to be pissed off with somebody/somethingvon jdm/etw die Schnauze voll haben (inf); I’m so pissed offich bin total angenervt (inf); he pisses me offder kotzt mich total an (inf)
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Not only the anti-Indian hate groups are active on Facebook, many, including F*** Off - We're Full and Speak English or Piss Off!!!, are growing at a rate of about 2000 people a week.
More recently, Belinda Stronach has managed to piss off big bunches of Canadians for being feminist, blond, brunette, attractive, intelligent, mouthy, sexually active; for crossing the floor, dressing well, dumping Peter MacKay and romancing Tie Domi (about that last one, Belinda, the guy's a dork).
I think Indian girls are dating Black guys primarily for two reasons: to piss off their parents and because Black hip-hop culture now dominates.