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also piss-ant  (pĭs′ănt′)Slang
1. One that is insignificant.
2. Obsolete An ant.
Not important; insignificant: "Some pissant Texas court wants to make [the company] pay ... more than $10 billion in reparations" (New Republic).

[Modeled on pismire.]
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an insignificant or contemptible person
insignificant or contemptible
[C17: from piss + ant]
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I was terrified I'd chosen a lemon--unmanly conduct is always an issue with me--and Al basically told me not to be a pissant. I drove the car back to the lot in the morning, unaware that California has a "buyers remorse" statute on the books.
He died); "pissant" (A radio host described Tom Brady's daughter that way); "pansexual" (Janelle Monae described herself that way); "laurel" (Remember laurel vs.
Johnson called 'a piddlying pissant little country.'" Chua's answer is "millennia-old ethnic conflict" and "political tribalism."
Lyndon Johnson, the president who escalated the American war in Indochina, may have described Vietnam as a "damn little pissant country, " (2) but that country might fairly be described as playing host to the world's most recent great-power war.
In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, host Alex Kreimer called Tom Brady's five-year-old daughter an (http://www.businessinsider.com/tom-brady-cuts-off-weei-interview-comment-daughter-2018-1) "annoying little pissant" on air.
-- Tom Brady is not looking to have the radio host who called his daughter "an annoying little pissant" to lose his job.
[beaucoup moins que] L'envie vient en pissant [beaucoup plus grand que] me dit-il tout en continuant a griffonner sur un cahier d'ecolier.
But if it's really a pissant job, how'd he pull off last week's hat trick of building purchases at the Alamo?
government should respond in the only way that acts of war by a pissant dictatorship deserves: by wiping that pissant dictatorship from the face of the earth.