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adj. piss·i·er, piss·i·est Vulgar Slang
Irritable; cranky.
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Animal "knows which one hasn't washed his balls, [and] can smell pissy gussets and shitty backsides whose faint stenches don't carry to your nose.
In the late afternoon the smell was heavy, pissy, fetid.
Although I understand how pissy Americans pay lip service to the First Amendment, then go around the bend when one offers a contrary, if not better-informed, opinion/rebuttal.
pussy as pissy as a cat, and the careless fishy or milky spill.
Contract notice: Preparation and execution of an operation of agricultural and forest land management in the municipalities of bovelles, briquemesnil-floxicourt, cavillon, ferrieres fluy, fourdrinoy, the mesge oissy, pissy, saisseval, seux with extensions of ailly-sur somme, bougainville, clairy saulchoix, guignemicourt, molliens-dreuil, picquigny revelles, riencourt, saveuses and soues
Which brings us back to Roger Ebert's pissy impatience with gamers and their grubby desire for validation.
He was clingy with me, he would get pissy with me over, you know, guys complimenting me on Facebook, just weird sh-- like that.
A car parked in the way, the wrong kind of griptape, a pissy attitude--a jam-up can arise out of nowhere and send the whole operation power-sliding and flat-spotted straight into the toilet.
The 12-issue series has brought great success to the website and features the regular stories of Pissy Pussy, Brandi the Bandit, The Butcher and Sortan-Valta.
At first Serge got excited because of the sale and then he started to be pissy because Adalberto wanted to be the gallerist for the material in Italy so Serge would not get a commission, but Adalberto said No no no we're not gonna argue this is the most exciting work I've seen in a long time but I gotta have a free hand to take it where it needs to go, we'll work something out, we're not gonna be assholes about it.
The trial was carried out in six experimental huts built in Pissy village, Sapone Health district.
Heru fought the urge to slide off the pissy chair and run towards the sound of his mother's panicked voice.