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1. A sauce made of garlic, basil, olive oil, and often Parmesan, used on pasta or in soups and stews.
2. A soup or stew flavored with this sauce.

[French, from Provençal, from pestar, to crush, from Old Provençal, from Late Latin pistāre; see piston.]


1. (Cookery) a type of sauce from Provence, made from olive oil, basil, garlic, tomatoes, and cheese
2. (Cookery) a type of rich vegetable soup containing or flavoured like pistou sauce
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Guests fill their Maui-crafted ceramic plates with Bella's shrimp, now dressed in a zesty basil lemon pistou, as well as a marigold-flecked fried rice prepared by private chef MiJin Kang.
I have cooked several times the soupe au pistou (vegetable, basil and garlic soup) of Provence, and the poulet Basquaise (Basque-style chicken) of Bordelaise, and have relished both the cooking and eating of Moules a la mariniere of the Bretagne-Normandie region.
Turnip Green Pistou Ingredients: 1 large bunch of turnip greens or collards 2 tbsp.
Against the artistic backdrop of the cafe's gallery home, diners will be able to choose - as a starter - the likes of an Ouseburn Farm summer vegetable broth, with basil pistou plus garlic and rosemary focaccia; followed by a roast chicken breast served with allotment vegetables, bacon, Jersey royals and thyme.
The menu features several Mediterranean classics such as a bouillabaisse-style fish soup and hake on roasted tomatoes and pistou, while among Paysanne's wines, Cai loves the Domaine la Colombette's unusually southerly pinot noir.
Pistou is the French take on Italian pesto, and this intensely garlicky sauce adds depth to a filling soup packed with fresh vegetables
To relive my visit to Mauritius last year, I had the salad of hearts of palm, tomato pistou and mushrooms with a sweet garlic parmesan dressing.
I'm also devoted to the brandade (salt cod, potato puree and garlic served on toast), the pistou (a savory soup of Mediterranean vegetables) and the bistro burger.
Soupe au Pistou When basil plants are bushy and lush, it's time to make this specialty of France.
Contractor address : 7 impasse du Pistou ZAC de la Soude
Daughter's fillet of salmon, with summer vegetable minestrone and basil pistou was a fresh, light dish.