pitch blackness

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Noun1.pitch blackness - total absence of lightpitch blackness - total absence of light; "they fumbled around in total darkness"; "in the black of night"
dark, darkness - absence of light or illumination
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I particularly enjoyed the bit where she had a scary encounter with a prehistoric-looking shark in the pitch blackness.
At times they find themselves in pitch blackness walking waist deep in water.
It is fortunate there are two street lights along this stretch otherwise one would risk a sprained ankle at least and possibly a broken ankle/leg if one was to attempt to walk this route in pitch blackness.
Karen Bryant wrote: "On top of the power blowouts the walk from the venue to the car park was a 30 mins walk in pitch blackness.
Pitch blackness was punctuated by the thunderous sound of debris pounding the structure.
The pitch blackness of the night and the bitter cold did not bode well.
Similarly the detective programmes to which we two are addicted contain endless murky scenes where we can see everything or, rather, nothing, because they're taking place in pitch blackness.
He reached out to turn on his bedside lamp only to find that, in the pitch blackness, it was not the lamp switch he touched, but a cold, wet human face.
I was in London once and no one found out where I was staying the whole time I was there, and then this girl, waiting in the courtyard of the hotel in complete pitch blackness, called out my name - and I thought, 'This is it.
The poem, which will be published next month along with other previously unseen documents in a book entitled Fragments, went, "On the screen of pitch blackness / comes the shapes of monsters / my most steafast companions .
At night, though, the black-out blinds proved an added bonus, resulting in a wonderfully peaceful sleep in pitch blackness.
My outstretched hand pressed randomly in the pitch blackness.