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Noun1.pitch contour - rise and fall of the voice pitchpitch contour - rise and fall of the voice pitch  
prosody, inflection - the patterns of stress and intonation in a language
intonation pattern - intonations characteristic of questions and requests and statements
droning, monotone, drone - an unchanging intonation
singsong - a regular and monotonous rising and falling intonation
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But pitch contour turning point placement apparently plays a role in Q3 marking, albeit only in accented words.
The right half processes small changes in the pitch of the navigation signals akin to the pitch contour in a melody.
I identify two additional uses of intonation: the iconic, in which the pitch accent reflects the meaning of the word, and the metrical, in which a pitch contour is repeated to establish a metrical "tune.
The peak of the pitch contour normally occurs in the middle of the syllabic crest; in some instances, however, it occurs late in the vowel, or even after it; and sometimes it occurs earlier than the middle.
0] pattern that encodes the pitch accent, the form of the pitch contour of the utterance is determined to a greater extent by word prosody.
Motive--Shortest musical idea, often identified by a distinctive rhythm and sometimes a general pitch contour.
After a sentence was presented auditorily, the pitch contour was displayed and learners imitated the sentence.
Similarly to Finnish, the overall pitch contour of disyllabic words fit in the pattern of the tonal uniform in different word structures.
The nonstandardized pitch contour associated with focus shows the existente of additional planning mechanisms that influence the phonological realization of stress.
The Chinese language has lexical tones, where the pitch contour
This suggests that alignment differences between dialects are not a global property of the pitch contour but are specific to particular pitch accents.
Two of the pitch accents are rising pitch movements and the third pattern is a pitch contour that has no appreciable rise over the stressed and posttonic syllable.