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Noun1.pitch contour - rise and fall of the voice pitchpitch contour - rise and fall of the voice pitch  
prosody, inflection - the patterns of stress and intonation in a language
intonation pattern - intonations characteristic of questions and requests and statements
droning, monotone, drone - an unchanging intonation
singsong - a regular and monotonous rising and falling intonation
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Finally, within the third module, the converted durations are used in generating the pitch contour for the whole speech, using a syllables sequence from HMM [4].
F) Iterative Stabilization of Cochleagram Morphing: Iterative stabilization of cochleagram morphing was achieved by heuristically expanding the pitch contour according to intensive spectral intensities along with temporal continuity.
The first window below shows the pitch contour of one of the members of the study sample.
The collective overuse of short, enjambed lines manufactures an often unwarranted sense of anticipation and surprise that, collated with the rising pitch contour of an unfinished utterance, (13) elevates the information value of small chunks of language, whether or not they merit it.
The absence of a pitch contour in such triplets would allow us to tackle the question of the extent to which rats are mainly relying on pitch changes (and not on the presence of a repetition) to differentiate between triplets in the previous experiment.
We can easily divide speech into voiced and unvoiced regions by detecting the points where the pitch contour appears or disappears.
For example, in Mandarin, a tone language, the same segmental syllable /ma/ means "mother" when produced with a high level pitch contour but means "hemp" when produced with a high rising pitch contour [1].
On hearing these words, we encode the lexical items, the pitch contour, the stress pattern, any accompanying gestures, etc.
In certain systems, this part includes the computation of the target prosody (pitch contour, phoneme durations) which is then imposed on the output speech.
As for vocal melody extraction using pitch contour characteristics, the problem of singing voice detection can be simplified to distinguish the vocal contours from all the contours.
"The right half processes small changes in the pitch of the navigation signals akin to the pitch contour in a melody.
It has also been asserted that intonational languages employ the use of pitch distinctively since two sentences can be exactly the same phonetically except for the overall pitch contour which is called intonation which can be used to distinguish between two different meanings ( Fromkin and Rodman, 1978).