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Cuban pride: Dodgers' reliever Danys Baez didn't hide his pride about watching fellow Cuban Alay Soler pitch for the Mets on Monday.
A pitcher is behind in the count and challenges a hitter with a 3-1 pitch for a strike.
1 -- color) Former Dodger Fernando Valenzuela, now a broadcaster for the team, accepted the offer to pitch for the Mexicali Aguilas.
If a pitcher does not have an overwhelming curve ball, a slider could be the pitch for him.
Now the left-hander, the Dodgers' biggest surprise this season, hopes to pitch for two more years.
1 objective is to throw the first or second pitch for a strike.
They should also make sure to have a go-to pitch for emergencies (when they begin struggling).
Stockman, who'll pitch for the JetHawks when they open a three-game series against the Stockton Ports at 7 tonight, is 1-0 with a 2.
Medders, who'll pitch for the JetHawks when they play host to the San Bernardino Stampede in the first of a four-game series tonight at 7:15, had remarkable success out of the bullpen last season throwing just a fastball and a changeup.
I told him, `First of all I enjoyed having you pitch for me the last few years.
Making a late pitch for the June 16 California League All-Star game, Ayala remains humble in his status as one of the team's most effective pitchers.