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Variant of edema.


(ɪˈdiːmə) or


n, pl -mata (-mətə)
1. (Pathology) pathol an excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the intercellular spaces of tissue
2. (Plant Pathology) plant pathol an abnormal swelling in a plant caused by a large mass of parenchyma or an accumulation of water in the tissues
[C16: via New Latin from Greek oidēma, from oidein to swell]
oedematous, edematous oeˈdemaˌtose, eˈdemaˌtose adj


(ɪˈdi mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
1. an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissue spaces, cavities, or joint capsules of the body, causing swelling of the area.
2. a similar swelling in plants caused by excessive moisture.
[1490–1500; < New Latin oedēma < Greek oídēma a swelling =oidē-, variant s. of oideîn to swell + -ma n. suffix]
e•dem•a•tous (ɪˈdɛm ə təs, ɪˈdi mə-) e•dem′a•tose (-ˌtoʊs) adj.
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Noun1.oedema - swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavitiesoedema - swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities
angioedema, atrophedema, giant hives, periodic edema, Quincke's edema - recurrent large circumscribed areas of subcutaneous edema; onset is sudden and it disappears within 24 hours; seen mainly in young women, often as an allergic reaction to food or drugs
lymphedema - swelling (usually in the legs) caused by lymph accumulating in the tissues in the affected areas
scleredema - a skin disease marked by hard edema of the tissue usually beginning in the face
cystoid macular edema - a specific pattern of swelling in the central retina
puffiness, swelling, lump - an abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement
anasarca - generalized edema with accumulation of serum in subcutaneous connective tissue
chemosis - edema of the mucous membrane of the eyeball and eyelid lining
papilledema - swelling of the optic disc (where the optic nerve enters the eyeball); usually associated with an increase in intraocular pressure
brain edema, cerebral edema - swelling of the brain due to the uptake of water in the neuropile and white matter


[ɪˈdiːmə] N (oedemata (pl)) [ɪˈdiːmətə]edema m


, (US) edema
nÖdem nt
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9] by observing for bilateral pitting oedema and/or MUAC <115 mm and/or Weight-for-Height/Length (Z-score) below -3SD and/or visible wasting among 6-59 months and in infants <6 months also by noticing feeble to suckle effectively.
3,61] The hallmark of chronic malnutrition is stunted growth, while in acute malnutrition there is wasting, with or without the presence of symmetrical bilateral pitting oedema and other signs, such as sparse hair, skin changes or an enlarged smooth liver.
Quarta L, Corrado A, d'Onofrio F, Maruotti N, Cantatore FP Two cases of distal extremity swelling with pitting oedema in psoriatic arthritis: the different pathologicalmechanisms.
Stage I presents with pitting and is considered reversible; some women have no increased arm girth or heaviness at this stage and no signs of pitting oedema.