Pituitary fossa

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(Anat.) the ephippium.

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The headache of our patient was severe, with sudden onset which was highly suggestive of apoplexy and was believed to result from the sudden expansion of the mass in the pituitary fossa, and in the meantime, there was strong radiographic evidence of hemorrhage on MRI.
X Ray of the skull (Figure 3) revealed normal appearance of the pituitary fossa.
Enhanced resolution of pituitary fossa with 3D fat suppressed gradient echo MRI: pre- and postgadolinium enhancement [Abstract].
In this stage, the basicranial fenestra is small and separated from the pituitary fossa by the crista sellaris.
An ectopic posterior pituitary gland is a rare condition and may present with an empty pituitary fossa, hypoplasia or absence of the infundibular stalk and resultant short stature due to growth hormone deficiency.
MRI pituitary fossa and ultra sonography (USG) abdomen was carried out at Radiology department Military Hospital, Rawalpindi.
6 In the clinical context of a known cancer patient presenting with diabetes insipidus, MRI of pituitary fossa is very useful in demonstrating metastasis to the pituitary.
IVa: Tumor is an intracranial intradural mass that does not infiltrate the cavernous sinus, pituitary fossa, or optic chiasm.
The findings concluded that pituitary fossa of males tended to be larger than the females about 1 to 13 years of age.