pivot man

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Noun1.pivot man - the person in a rank around whom the others wheel and maneuver
parader, marcher - walks with regular or stately step
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Coach (Jeff) Bajema has been telling me to take the ball to the hoop, and I took that advice to heart, especially in the fourth quarter," said the 6-foot-3 junior, who also showed a variety of slippery low-post moves, including one that he finished with a hook shot that would have made a 1950s pivot man proud.
George, the 7-foot-7, 360 pound pivot man for UNC-Asheville, would much rather be a shrinking violet than deal with the fanfare that comes with being not only the largest player in college basketball today, but perhaps of all-time.
3) A runner cannot hook or trip the pivot man's legs or crash into the pivot man at second base in a double play situation.
In outdoor polo each team is madeup of four players, twoup front, a goal defender and a pivot man.