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1. A short rod or shaft on which a related part rotates or swings.
2. A person or thing on which something depends; the central or crucial factor: "The pivot of the whole affair was the stupidity of some admiral" (Joseph Conrad).
3. The act of turning on a pivot.
4. A dramatic change in policy, position, or strategy: "President Obama's decision to cancel a planned week-long trip to Asia ... is raising questions across Washington about the administration's vaunted pivot to Asia" (Howard LaFranchi).
a. A person around which a formation of marching people turns.
b. Sports A player who plays at the center of the offense.
6. Basketball
a. A position taken by an offensive player usually facing away from the basket near the foul line to relay passes, attempt a shot, or set screens.
b. The stationary foot around which the ball handler is allowed to pivot without dribbling.
v. piv·ot·ed, piv·ot·ing, piv·ots
v. tr.
1. To mount on, attach by, or provide with a pivot or pivots.
2. To cause to rotate, revolve, or turn: pivoted the telescope toward the island.
v. intr.
1. To turn on a pivot.
2. To depend or be centered: "The plot ... lacks direction, pivoting on Hamlet's incertitude" (G. Wilson Knight).
3. To make a dramatic change in policy, position, or strategy: "If you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people" (Donald Trump).

[French, from Old French ; akin to perhaps akin to Catalan piu, pivot, perhaps from piu, chirp (from the creaking sounds made by something turning on a pivot ).]

piv′ot·a·ble adj.
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(General Engineering) capable of turning on or as if on a pivot
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These include positioning the operator panel at an optimal height, where it is pivotable and angle adjustable.
The Rowtrac[R] system is the only towed implement track undercarriage that is pivotable about three major axes for pitch, roll, and yaw movement, thereby allowing the track system to be steered while it simultaneously undulates to follow terrain changes in both the pitch and roll directions.
This year we launch our LovA ironing station: a unique set with a retractable hook and pivotable iron support.
The stackers are designed as fixed, raisable and pivotable booms with conveying capacities of up to 4,000 tph.