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pix 1

A plural of pic.

pix 2

Variant of pyx.


pl n
(Journalism & Publishing) informal photographs; prints


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a less common spelling of pyx
2. (Banking & Finance) a less common spelling of pyx



n., pl. pix (piks), pics. Slang.
1. motion picture.
2. photograph.
[1880–85; by shortening of picture]
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Noun1.pix - a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
2.pix - any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept
receptacle - a container that is used to put or keep things in
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So, for example, if you're at an important meeting, you can use Pix to take a photo of a diagram on the whiteboard to remember it later.
PIX, established in 2012, has been providing medical records, reporting services and disbursement funding support to certain departments of the group's legal services division.
As close neighbours to PIX Europe, in Ipswich, DPM worked closely with PIX to redesign and modernise all the drives in the mill, including the bed stones and sack hoist.
Through its partnership with Gencom in New Zealand and Singapore, Broadcast Pix has already garnered increased interest in the region's sporting venues, government agencies, educational institutions and broadcast applications.
24 August 2010 - Indian credit rating agency ICRA cut yesterday to LB from LBB the long-term rating on the bank facilities of local V-Belt, hoses and end fittings maker Pix Transmissions Ltd (BOM:500333).
Cisco Systems has announced the availability of new versions of the Cisco VPN Client software, the Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client, and new embedded hardware-based VPN acceleration in the Cisco PIX 525 and 535 Firewall family.
Cisco Secure PIX Firewall 506, an enterprise-class security appliance for small business and small branch offices.
PIX assists the broker in finding viable candidates for the sale of their property through its regularly updated database of investor-clients from around the country.
CONTRARY to what recent critics have suggested, there is very little textual evidence that Mary Pix wrote Zelmane or The Corinthian Queen (1705).