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also pix·el·late (pĭk′sə-lāt′)
tr.v. pix·e·lat·ed, pix·e·lat·ing, pix·e·lates also pix·el·lat·ed or pix·el·lat·ing or pix·el·lates
To reduce the resolution of (a digital image) by replacing groups of pixels whose values are different with groups of pixels whose values are the same, typically the minimum, maximum, or average value of the original pixels in that group. Images can be pixelated intentionally or as the accidental result of enlarging an image too far.

pix′e·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.


or pix·il·lat·ed or pix·e·lat·ed or pix·el·lat·ed  (pĭk′sə-lā′tĭd)
1. Behaving as if mentally unbalanced; very eccentric.
2. Whimsical; prankish.
3. Slang Intoxicated; drunk.

[From pixie.]

pix′i·la′tion n.
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(Computer Science) computing photog (of an image on a screen or VDU) affected by pixilation or in which the separate pixels are visible
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Prison chiefs said their guards' privacy would be breached but the Sunday Mail's lawyers successfully argued that no one would be identified in the images, which have been pixelated.
With ray tracing, visuals in the game are enhanced with lighting effects from the sun, as well as in-game materials like glowstone and lava, adding a realistic touch while retaining the pixelated essence of the game.
Either sports personnel should be interviewed away from the advert board or the names on it should be pixelated out to such a degree that they can't be read.
He added brightness and contrast to the photo, but before the "object" could be identified the photo became pixelated, and the spots became a bunch of pixels that could not be verified.
The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is full of charmingly pixelated machinations, and the well-designed touch screen controls make it perfect for gaming on the run.
Whip up tasty versions of the Mirelurk egg omelette, throw some deathclaw meat on the grill, and re-create BlamCo Mac & Cheese with "Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook" by Victoria Rosenthal who launched her blog, Pixelated Provisions, in 2012 to combine her lifelong passions for video games and food by recreating consumables found in many of her favorite games.
Her dog and herself will then be pixelated into the game.
Arc's undulated wave of pixelated squares beautifully balances rhythm and spontaneity.
When I use the cross section view and the icing tab, I get a very "pixelated" 3-4 color chart.
Mango TV, a state broadcaster run by central China's Hunan province that is widely viewed online, pixelated rainbow flags and cut a Tuesday performance by Irish singer Ryan O'Shaughnessy that included two male dancers portraying a gay relationship.
However, some users criticised the quality of the pictures, most of which were pixelated and low in resolution, prompting claims they may have been 'doctored'.