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also pix·el·late (pĭk′sə-lāt′)
tr.v. pix·e·lat·ed, pix·e·lat·ing, pix·e·lates also pix·el·lat·ed or pix·el·lat·ing or pix·el·lates
To reduce the resolution of (a digital image) by replacing groups of pixels whose values are different with groups of pixels whose values are the same, typically the minimum, maximum, or average value of the original pixels in that group. Images can be pixelated intentionally or as the accidental result of enlarging an image too far.

pix′e·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.


1. (Broadcasting) a video technique in which an image is blurred by being overlaid with a grid of squares, usually to disguise the identity of a person
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The result, for now, is poor, with the fake Gadot suffering from pixelation and other unnatural tells.
Pathologists using these larger digital files may experience slow loading, pixelation, and freezing of images if their computers and/ or network is suboptimal, which may result in observer frustration.
This includes new checks for face darkness, pixelation, looking away, skin reflections, glasses reflections, skin tone, washed out colors, red eye and ICAO fixes for red-eye correction.
The second row shows the gradients after applying a pixelation filter.
Higher megapixel sensors are useful only if you are shooting images for big posters (27"*40"), to avoid pixelation.
To avoid buffering and pixelation, Awaan uses adaptive streaming, a process that adjusts the quality of a video delivered to a web page based on changing network conditions.
It also has some memory improvements that let your phone better process rich images on high-resolution screens, and something called multi-sample anti-aliasing, basically a fancy way of saying it smooths images and gets rid of the pixelation you can see when using VR headsets like the Gear VR.
Intrigued by this anomaly, the night watchman went to investigate, only to discover that the pixelation existed in the fabric of reality itself .
Despite the intense pixelation of the footage, however, the filmmakers have framed the documentary using revolutionary, reinvented cinematic language; it is replete with 'close-ups, wide-angle shots and tracking shots', (4) and features quaking mobile-phone footage overlaid with the melancholic strains of singer-songwriter Noma Omran.
Intelligent Digital Zoom provides enhanced quality without pixelation
An example of such a difference is the continuity of the subjective impression of a light field such as the sky in contrast to the discrete pixelation of its objective neural encoding by the individual receptors of the retina and the visual cortex.
Standing in the buff - with a little helpful pixelation to preserve her modesty - Kelly's character asks her co-stars: "How would I do on the lesbian market?