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(There are social cues that give it away, apparently.) (I'm not, though.) She's unforced, voluble, pixieish; older film fans may think Rosanna Arquette, with that permanently startled New York manner.
The challenge lay in giving their pixie versions slightly altered, diminutive proportions and facial characteristics, animated to fly around and perform pixieish actions while remaining completely recognizable and indistinguishable from the real human versions of the actresses.
At a party, Colin meets the pixieish vision that is Chloe (Tautou), a "girl like a Duke Ellington tune" with whom he falls head-over-heels in love.
In no time, the pixieish Gevinson was taking breaks from her middle-school studies to sit front-row at Fashion Week, contribute to Harper's Bazaar and serve as muse for Rodarte's collaboration with Target.
The single audio track also serves to connect their thematically related though tonally dissonant images: an oversaturated close-up of a flower in full bloom on one, in the other a pixieish young woman (played by the artist) skipping along a sidewalk pausing at intervals to gleefully swing, as if wielding a crowbar, what looks like an oversized floppy flower at car windows that shatter violently upon impact.
It showed that the pixieish boy with the impish grin has Chiari malformation, a complicated congenital condition caused by abnormalities in development of parts of the brain - the stem and the cerebellum - and the upper portion of the spinal column.
In the soaring, bustling hangar that is the Chelsea Piers Sports Centre, I pegged Puckett at first sight: a warm pixieish Carol Burnett type in boysenberry cargo pants and black-sequinned sneakers.
Pixieish fun has always been part of McGegan's,approach, but Catherine Tbrocy's staging over-egged the pudding in the direction of archness: beyond the videos, the screen carried a series of Facebook page Tweets from "Dominique/ Medea"--a gag that would have worked a treat once.
An hour raced by in a colourful, sweeping symphonic wave of sound, from the allegro's bold cello opening over shimmering violins to the finale with its pixieish dancing themes and statesmanlike musical statement from the brassboosted orchestra.
Pixieish. Oddly enough she looked younger without the mane of thick brown hair--"luminized" in recent years--that had always been her greatest vanity.