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or place mat  (plās′măt′)
A protective table mat for a single setting of dishes and flatware.
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Decorate your patio table with this sweet runner and placemat set made from triangle-squares and strip piecing.
'I mean, why would anyone want to wear a placemat or table runner?
John Lewis & Partners leaves placemat with its contemporary leaf design is PS24 for a pack of six.
3 Quilting and Finishing Layer and baste together the backing, batting and placemat tops.
The "ChildCare Providers Fighting CMV Project" provides a free online CMV prevention tool kit, which includes bathroom sink signs, the color-me-in fairytale, "Once Upon a Placemat: A Table Setting Tale," and a PowerPoint presentation to teach schools and families how to "share a meal, not the germs."
Seat a group of four students around a single table with an A3 sized sheet of paper--the placemat in the centre (see Figure 1).
If you would like to donate, sponsors are as follows: Dinner $500, Green $250, Hole $150, Patron $75, or supply a business card for a Placemat sponsor for $50 (all sponsorships will be included on our placemat).
Gather your supplies 30cm bamboo skewers (about 100) 25cm diameter MDF round placemat (2) 9cm diameter MDF round coaster 26cm diameter circle mirror Here's How Step 1: Using protractor, mark 16 segments (each 22.5EeA) on placemat.
Mydrap cotton or linen napkins are completely biodegradable and can be recycled for other uses, meaning that your guests can be sure that the product is kind to the environment, while also enjoying the quality and health benefits provided by ensuring that they receive a brand new napkin, placemat and coaster everytime.
St David's Day Placemat The kids can decorate the table for St David's Day with a pretty placemat in Welsh colours.
Step 3: Carefully cut round your shapes and then stick them on to your placemat. Step 4: Finally apply a layer of Plasti-kote clear varnish to seal.